Man found thousands of unknown microbes

Man found thousands of unknown microbes

Scientists from the Harvard school of public health found thousands of new microbial communities in the human body, and determined how they affect his health. The details of the survey can be found in Nature.

The new study is the second phase of the project “human Microbiome” project, launched in 2007. Its mission is to identify and characterize new microorganisms, examine their relationship with health and human diseases, and to develop computational techniques for analysis of microorganisms.

The researchers analyzed 1631 new sample, taken at different times from different parts of the body 265 people. DNA sequencing has allowed scientists to accurately determine which organisms live in different parts of the human body and what role they play. The study of microbes taken at different points in time, allowed the specialists to determine which of the microbial community can change over time slowly and some quickly.

“This new information enables us to identify differences that are unique to microbes of man — just as some versions of the human genome for each unique and to track what changes occur to the microbial communities in the body over time,” concluded, Hattenhauer.