Dubai authorities threatened to jail the British for the middle finger to the driver

The British specialist in the field of IT-technologies in Dubai faces six months in jail for an obscene gesture to the address of one of the drivers. About it reports The Independent.

The incident occurred in February this year, but became aware of it only now. 23-year-old citizen of the United Kingdom Jamil Ahmed Mukadi, together with his wife returned from vacation, which they spent in the UAE. The couple was driving to the airport in a rented car. Then the British got angry at one of the traffic participants, showed him the middle finger.

10 Sep Mukadi, along with his wife returned to Dubai, but was arrested at the airport. Subsequently, the Briton was released on bail, but his passport remained in police officers.

“In the UK this situation happens all the time. However, in this jail do not send”, — leads edition of the words of Akadama.

Currently, a man living in a hotel. However, as the newspaper notes, he almost ran out of money.