The Venezuelan President likened trump to Hitler

The Venezuelan President likened trump to Hitler

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro compared the US President Donald trump with the “new Hitler” of international politics, reports EFE Noticias. The style of the Board of trump Maduro has described as an authoritarian and expressed readiness to confront this.

Speaking from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, the trump, on the one hand, proclaimed the main principle of his reign, the respect for national sovereignty, on the other — threatened to destroy North Korea and harshly attacked the “rebel regimes”, “such as Venezuela and Iran.”

Maduro in his correspondence the debate, trump made clear that he will continue himself to command his nation and Trump was advised to “swallow” his comments about Hitler.

In the early years of “high-profile nationalist notes” in his inaugural speech trump heard the Vice-Chancellor of Germany Sigmar Gabriel.