The Slovak Parliament is interested in funding the presidential campaign Kitty

Andrej Kiska

The Slovak Parliament Committee on Finance adopted a decision on the audit of financing the presidential campaign of President Andrew Pussy. On Wednesday, September 20, according to Internet portal 24..

Caused by recent media reports that the company Kiska Travel Agency, which was founded by President and his brother Jaroslaw, in 2014 underpaid in the budget about 27 thousand euros of taxes. The situation became a reason for initiation of criminal proceedings, as the company has been reimbursed this amount, but it is assumed that part of the funds were spent to sponsor the election campaign Kitty.

The President said that already clearly outlined his views on the situation. The head of the Finance Committee of the Parliament ladimir kamenický šenov said that the way Kitty did not answer the question, and requested comments from the Finance Minister, Peter Kazimir.

Pussy was a candidate in the presidential elections as an independent candidate. At the time of nomination he was one of the most successful businessmen of the country. 15 March 2014, he took second place in the first round of voting two weeks later defeated the leader of the social Democrats, Robert fico.