The kids broke 11 gravestones at a cemetery in Nizhny Tagil

Police Nizhny Tagil prosecuted the parents of five teenagers damaged gravestones in a cemetery in the village of Lei. About it reports a press-service of the Main Department of the MIA of Russia in Sverdlovsk region Wednesday, September 20.

“Even at the entrance to the cemetery guards paid attention to the boys who, seeing the patrol car, ran in all directions. One of them detectives have detained. After a brief conversation the child, born in 2006, confessed that the tombs he has damaged, along with four of your friends as a result of banal pranks and mischief”, — stated in the message Department.

Juvenile attackers broke and knocked over 11 marble monuments. Youngest 8 years, oldest is 12. They all live in the same village.

In relation to the parents of all children protocols according to article 5.35 of the administrative code (“Default by parents of duties under the maintenance and education of minors”). The bullies themselves will put on the account in OVD, with them intend to carry out “preventive work”.

Earlier, in August, a massive pogrom of the cemetery staged two third graders in the city of Lyskovo in Nizhny Novgorod region. They damaged 46 tombstones. Students eight and nine years, explained to police that he wanted “to see how falling monuments”.