Prime Minister of Spain thinks of Catalonia justified

Prime Minister of Spain thinks of Catalonia justified

TASS, September 20. The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy considers the actions of the Spanish authorities in Catalonia justified. This was announced on Wednesday, the Agency EFE.

“It is logical that the state should respond, said Rajoy. — In the world there is not a single democratic state that would agree that taking these people: they were warned, they knew that the referendum could not be held because it is a violation of state sovereignty. If Spain will not fulfill the law, it will lead to injustice, tyranny and the rule of law is strong, that we cannot accept in any form”.

On Wednesday morning the civil guard of Spain after the searches in the offices of several departments of the government of the Autonomous region were detained 12 people, including head of the economic and tax agencies of Catalonia and the Ministry of telecommunications and labor and social Affairs. According to EFE, the searches can be associated with finding documentation on the planned referendum on the independence of autonomy.

On 6 September the Parliament of Catalonia approved the law on referendum, which, from the point of view of Madrid, is illegal. Then signed a decree on holding a plebiscite on 1 October. In addition, the Catalan chamber adopted the law, which will regulate the secession from Spain in the event of victory in the referendum supporters of a break with the Kingdom.

The authorities have already appealed against the decision of the separatists in the constitutional court. Despite this, the regional authorities argue that the plebiscite will be held.