Poklonskaya said on the role in the detention of the head of a “Christian state”

Poklonskaya said on the role in the detention of the head of a “Christian state”

State Duma Deputy Natalya Poklonskaya told RBC that the radicals, who called to burn the cinema, the police arrested her Deputy request.

Earlier today it became known that the FSB and the interior Ministry detained the leader of the “Christian state Holy Russia” Alexander Kalinin.

Just my Deputy’s request to the Minister of internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General on the adoption of measures of criminal procedural nature to persons radical containing signs of extremism (including the fact of distribution of leaflets of arson, threats, and other) decisions, which are empowered to give oversight organically Poklonskaya

She also added that considers it necessary to strengthen measures on the part of law enforcement, “aimed at preventing any manifestations of extremism,” and called for recognition of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda” extremist material, “which actually leads to extremism on the part of detainees”.

The MP stressed that the “condemned” any act of violence. “Absolutely, the legal situation with the movie Matilda someone is used for purposes unrelated to the protection of our history and faith. The manifestation of extremism in this issue is part of a plan aimed at destabilizing society, the separation of people, the discrediting of Orthodox believers,” she said.

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