Pamfilova told about the defects of the municipal filter

Pamfilova told about the defects of the municipal filter

MOSCOW, September 20 — RIA Novosti. The number of candidates who could compete in the elections of heads of regions, did not take part in them due to defects of the municipal filter, the shortcomings of this mechanism will be a topic for discussion at the round table of the CEC, said the Minister, Ella Pamfilova.

Municipal filter a certain number of signatures of deputies of municipal formations of the region, which needs to collect the gubernatorial candidate for the elections.

“We see the disadvantages of the election of the highest officials of constituent entities of the Russian Federation the notorious municipal filter in the current form, due to defects whose ballots were not included a number of respected candidates who could compete in the elections”, — Pamfilova said at the CEC session on Wednesday.

She noted that this issue was almost unanimously raised by all representatives of the parties, experts, scientists.

The CEC Chairman recalled that on 28 September on the site of the Central election Commission held a round table on the election results on 10 September and the issue of the municipal filter will be one of the main issues for discussion. Materials of the round table will be further submitted for discussion in the working group on improving the electoral legislation established under the presidential administration, said Pamfilova.