On the pole in the Italian Park was discovered bare and raped the 57-year-old German

In Rome’s Villa Borghese Park local resident found 57-year-old German woman who was raped and tied to a pole. On Tuesday, September 19, reports Rai News.

The man working as a taxi driver, stumbled on the woman early in the morning. In the mouth it was a gag, which she couldn’t call for help. She said that she was attacked by “a young man of twenty or twenty-five, maybe a foreigner,” which tied her to a pole and raped. Before leaving, he took women for 40 euros (less than 2800 rubles).

It is noted that this case is the third episode of violence against foreign women in Rome last week. So, the police received a message from the Belgian tourist that tried to rape on the steps of the Capitol, and over a traveler from Finland raped near one of the metro stations.

On September 16 it was reported that police in the German city of Dessau arrested four asylum seekers from Eritrea, suspected of raping a 56-year-old resident of the country. She was collecting bottles in the city centre when she was approached by young men, who promised to show you where you can find a lot of bottles. They lured her to the former school building where the woman was raped.