In government buildings of Catalonia have searched

In government buildings of Catalonia have searched

Moscow. September 20. INTERFAX.RU — Spanish Police conducts searches in the Catalan government offices in connection with the preparation by the authorities of the Autonomous region to hold a referendum on self-determination, according to the newspaper El Pais.

According to the publication, searches are held in the buildings of the Catalan institutions in charge of economy, foreign Affairs, employment and social issues, as well as in the building of the government of Catalonia.

At the end of last week, the mayors of more than 700 towns in Catalonia went on the March in Barcelona demanding to allow a referendum on self-determination scheduled for October 1.

The decision on the referendum adopted by the government of Catalonia unilaterally after a number of unsuccessful attempts to agree on voting with the Central government in Madrid.

Earlier, Prosecutor General of Spain, josé Manuel Maza, said that the police bodies of Spain, the civil guard and the Autonomous police of Catalonia ordered to seize ballot boxes and ballot papers for the referendum on self-determination of Catalonia.

Spanish military police raid Catalan Govt. and public companies. People protest peacefully in the streets. Crisis growing in #Catalonia.

— Jaume Clotet (@jaumeclotet) 20 September 2017
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From the order the Masa also means that regional police departments should be cause for questioning the local Prosecutor’s office of the mayors of the Catalan cities, to support the referendum. Those who refuse to come voluntarily, the police must detain. Mayors can prosecute.

He also asked the intelligence services of Spain closely watch whether the government of Catalonia the preparations for the referendum.