15 years without Bodrov: monument to brotherly

15 years without Bodrov: monument to brotherly

In 2002 in Karmadon gorge killed 127 people.

September 20 marks the 15th anniversary of the tragedy in the Karmadon gorge. Then, because of the five-kilometer descent of the Kolka glacier in North Ossetia, killed the crew of the famous Russian actor and Director Sergey Bodrov-younger. Just the result of a natural disaster without missing more than a hundred people.

In 2017, the anniversary of the death of the crew, in the capital will be a model of a monument which should perpetuate Bodrov Jr. as the hero of the films “Brother” and “Brother-2”.

Brother Daniel

Plans to install the monument became known in November of 2016, when the initiative group began collecting funds for the project. Initially, according to the creators, the monument was planned to create in bronze. The statue must be made in full growth, and on its pedestal is the inscription “I think that the strength in truth.” Among those who supported the project initiative group, — STV Sergei Selyanov, actor Andrey Fedortsov, operator Sergey Astakhov.

The choice of subject for the monument, the organizers explained the uniqueness of the image of Danila Bagrov (the character in the films “Brother” and “Brother-2” was played by Sergei Bodrov Jr.).

Image of Danila Bagrov is a unique phenomenon. Analogs of the Russian culture is not created over fifteen years. Appearing on the screen during the deepest crisis in our country, Daniel has become a true example and a support for many children of that time grew up without a father or older brother, the site says, “Brother Danil” created specifically in support of the project.

There you can see a sketch of the monument.

Fundraising was carried out including using crowdfunding platforms. During the campaign, which began November 6 and ended on 27 December 2016, managed to collect 367,6 million roubles for 17.6 thousand more than planned at the start. To support the project on the website of the initiative group can still.

The location of the monument, its creators promised to determine by popular vote — it is expected that this is what they will tell during the press conference on 20 September 2017. Besides the project coordinators, Roman Sergeev and Valeria Sorokina, will participate in producer Sergei Selyanov, the sculptor Andrei Klykov and musician, one of the founders of the rock group “Agatha Christie” Vadim Samoilov.

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