The words of Posner of journalists VGTRK there is no Statute of limitations, said Kiselev


RIA Novosti

The author and host of “Vesti Nedeli” on “Russia-1” and the General Director of MIA “Russia today” Dmitry Kiselyov said that the fact that the video in which the First channel Vladimir Pozner speaks negatively about journalists VGTRK, was shot in 2015, the situation does not change.

Earlier it was reported that Posner Thursday in interview to the program “media of the XXI century” on the channel said not shake hands neither Kiselev nor Vladimir Solovyov, which, according to Posner, “discrediting journalism”. Kiselyov, commenting on the video, said he did not want to fuel the war channels. Later Friday it became clear that the video was filmed in 2015.

“Video of 2015? What difference does it make? This video got a second wind, in social networks it is in the current context of the joke Ivan Urgant about the TV channel “Russia” and acquired a new life, they began actively to share users, they are actualized, so it demanded a review. Saw it now, since watching the work of Posner. What Posner has since changed?” — Kiselev told RIA Novosti.

Last Tuesday, the nightingales in response to a joke, the TV presenter of stars on the title for the TV channel “Russia 1” was posted on his Twitter a fragment program, where he said that Ivan Urgant unlike his father, Andrei Urgant, will not fall into the base of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker”, because it is quite a “nasty joke about me.” The conflict began between Urgant and Solovyov, according to some journalists, recalled the “war channels” of the 1990s.

Later, Soloviev said he believes Urgant talented man and well it is, but it’s in the joke colleagues went about the channel-the competitor that is deemed unacceptable in corporate ethics.

How the conflict started

Earlier in the program “Evening Urgant” Ivan Urgant smeared his face with white ground and on the question of what it is, the guest of the programme, TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku said it was Nightingale droppings. It Urgant jokingly replied, “that’s a good name for a show on the channel “Russia”.

In his microblog on Twitter Solovyov posted a snippet of his program on TV channel “Russia 1”, which told a joke Urgant.

“And nobody knows, Ivan Urgant is not the “Peacemaker”? Here is his father for sure. While on the other hand I know a great way to do so, not to get into a “Peacemaker”. It is sufficient channel nasty joke about me. Then you start to cite accused of pedophilia citizens who are now in hiding in Prague, shouting: “well Done, you got Soloviev.” All Ukrainian websites happy to print, Ah, well done Urgant! Well done, Ivan, you won’t be in the same list with your dad, and with many worthy people. Keep laughing!” — said Solovyov.

Solov’ev also drew attention to the fact that his joke didn’t sound in the “Moscow air”, and was only live on reserves, while the words of the stars made at the regional orbit, remained in the transfer to Moscow. According to Solovyov, this could not happen without the knowledge of the head of channel one Konstantin Ernst.