The telephone terrorist called corporate and opened up her room

At Sheremetyevo airport (archive photo)

In Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport received an anonymous call about the alleged impending attack. About this “Interfax” said a source in the emergency services.

“The intruder said about the alleged willingness of some individuals during the 15 minute attack on the airport and aircraft,” — said the Agency interlocutor. In the air port was organized testing, the threat was not confirmed.

The source also noted that the caller did not hide your phone number and that was easily installed. Started searching for the attacker.

On the evening of 16 September in the Metropolitan police received reports of bombs in several Nightclubs in the centre of Moscow. Were evacuated hundreds of people. None of the threats were not confirmed.

This week in Russia swept the next wave of anonymous calls about mining, as a result, were evacuated tens of thousands of people in several cities, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In particular, in the capital evacuated 16 schools. Unknown reported about a bomb threat at the railway stations, office buildings, shopping malls and residential buildings. On 14 September it became known that the criminal cases initiated after the mass false reports of terrorist attacks, detained the first suspects is speaking as imitators of teenagers.