Medvedev noted the uniqueness of the Altai territory and its special place in history


RIA Novosti

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on Friday congratulated inhabitants of the Altai territory on the 80th anniversary of the formation of the region, stressing the place of the subject in history and the economy; congratulatory telegram from the Prime Minister published on the government website.

“Your edge is truly unique, has a special place in the history and economy of the country. Here in particular there is a unique beauty of Siberian nature. Altai land is the mighty rivers Ob, Biya and Katun, pristine lakes, pine forests belt. As well as rich deposits, the development of which has contributed to a generation of talented people”, — the telegram says.

As he noted, today the Altai territory is the largest grain producer and organic food. The Prime Minister said in the region, innovative projects, creation of advanced clusters in engineering, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

“And of course, special attention is paid to the development of tourism. Because of the unique nature preserves, picturesque landscapes, mild climate create wonderful opportunities for recreation, sport and Spa treatment. I am sure that your love for his native land, professionalism and dedication will continue to serve as a guarantee of prosperity of the Altai region”, — stated in the message.

Medvedev wished the residents of the Altai territory good health, prosperity and new successes.