Indian has sold 11-month-old son to a stranger for a drink

A resident of the Indian state of odisha sold her 11-month-old baby to a stranger below the money to buy alcohol. This writes the newspaper The Sun.

For the offspring of the man working as a janitor, got 270 pounds (more than 21 thousand roubles). The money he also sent for the purchase of a mobile phone (23 lbs) and bracelet for daughter (18 pounds). It is reported that men have even and ten year old son. Also in the deal was involved the brother of the seller and social worker bodies.

Buyers were 60-year-old wife, who in 2012 survived the death of 24-year-old son. His mother was in a long depression, while her husband Somnath Network (Somnath Sethi) is not offered to buy a small child to raise.

On September 16 it was reported that suffering from drug addiction resident of India allowed his seven friends-addicted to rape his wife, to obtain from them the money he spent to buy drugs. Raped 22-year-old girl also told law enforcement that she passed with her “rent” husband have a small child. In addition, her husband filmed the incident on a mobile phone and blackmailed the girl.