In Latvia said on approaching the borders of three military ships to Russia

“Hulk 1” during the military exercises “West-2017” in the Baltic sea

Three Russian warships were seen on Sunday, September 17, at the borders of Latvia. This was reported by the National armed forces in his Twitter.

“In the special economic zone of Latvia identified three Russian military ship “Andromeda”, “the Hulk 1” and “Bira”, — stated in the post.

Earlier on Sunday, RIA Novosti reported that nearly 20 ships and vessels of the Baltic fleet left the points of permanent deployment and went to sea in the framework of the Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises “West-2017”.

As noted by the Latvian office of Delfi, last year’s planes and ships of the Russian armed forces were approaching the borders of the Baltic republics 209 times, which is about ten times less than the previous year.