Found the grave of a suspected Jack the Ripper

Briton David bullock found that a serial killer of the late nineteenth century Jack the Ripper was a man of Thomas Cutbush, whose tomb is located in the London cemetery Nunhead. Information as reported by the Daily Star, is contained in the book bullock The Man Who Would Be Jack (the Man who could be Jack).

It indicates that Cutbush fits the description of Jack the Ripper according to many criteria. So, in 1888, he worked in London’s Whitechapel when there occurred attacks of Jack the Ripper hated prostitutes, was fond of anatomy and surgery, and in 1891 he was arrested for attacking two women.

Daily Star (@Daily_Star)
September 16, 2017, 17:19

Bullock studied documents at the psychiatric hospital Broadmoor, where Catbus and died. He was able to establish that Cutbush was buried in the cemetery Nunhead. There rests, and his family.

The nickname Jack the Ripper was taken from a letter that came to the London news Agency on behalf of the murderer. He is credited with at least five murders in 1888-1891 in London’s Whitechapel. Victims of a serial killer was a local prostitute. The London police could not establish the real name of the killer and his crimes remained unsolved.