Flying from Crimea to Moscow, the passengers staged a riot in the plane

The crew of the airliner, flying from Simferopol to Moscow, has requested the police to the place of arrival because of the aggressive behaviour of the two passengers staged a riot. It is reported by REN TV.

The request was sent when the plane was in the Moscow air zone.

On 15 September reported on the development of a Ministry of justice bill that increased the penalties for the brawl on Board the aircraft. Penalties for failure to comply with the aircraft commander can increase almost tenfold from two to five to 40 thousand rubles. In addition, the brawlers may face administrative arrest for the term from 5 till 15 days.

In mid-September, the Khimki city court found the passenger flying flight from tel Aviv to Moscow and staged on Board disorderly, guilty. Man sentenced to deprivation of liberty for a period of six months in a colony-settlement.