Became aware of U.S. interference in Russian elections September 10,


RIA Novosti

The Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of the sovereignty and prevent interference in Russia’s internal Affairs is evidence of the influence of foreign countries, primarily the United States, at the regional elections on 10 September, said the head of the Commission Senator Andrei Klimov, this was confirmed by two members of the chamber. The intervention consisted in the fact that the foreign state transferred money to the Russian funds involved in the election, to support a particular candidate at the head of the region, RBC.

“The funds were transferred through the territory of the allied countries of Russia in the Customs Union of the EEU. The money comes from a foreign organization from a country where there is no law on foreign agents” — said Klimov.

Klimov explained also that the elections in Russia intervened several States.

“The United States is the most powerful center where this kind of activity, usually from Washington,” said the Senator.

According to the head of the Commission, money in Russia is transmitted “and in cash and money surrogates, and the cryptocurrency, not putting the country through which means.

Recall, September 10 in the Russian elections of different levels.