Almost half of French want to close the borders from migrants

Almost half of the population of France (46 percent) believes that the government should not let in more immigrants. This is evidenced by the results of the survey Institute Ipsos, the results of which publishes Le Figaro newspaper.

With 53 percent of the French believe that the Republic is too many immigrants. Another 61 percent of respondents believe that most relocating to France people are economic migrants, not refugees from countries where war-torn. In addition, 75 percent of respondents feared the infiltration of terrorists into the country among the refugees.

One of the researchers, Yves Bardon, pointed out that France is among the countries where there is a negative attitude towards migrants.

In August 2016, 57 percent of the French said about too many migrants in their country. 60 percent of the French believe that the active influx of refugees has a negative impact on the country. The positive impact of the influx of migrants said only 11 percent of respondents. Almost two thirds of respondents (63 percent) noted that workers are not able to integrate into society.