Ural janitor awarded for the rescue of discarded baby

In Yekaterinburg, the janitor Bakytbek Bazarbaev received the award from the authorities of the management company for saving thrown out on the street baby, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda in the Urals” on Friday, September 15.

The man had found the boy in the yard on the street hanging on the fence in a plastic bag, wrapped in a jacket and called an ambulance. The attention of the janitor was attracted by the fact that in that bag was moving, and at first he thought it was an animal.

When exactly the incident occurred is not specified. Medics took the child and gave him help, and Bazarbaev gave explanations about the incident to the police.

Currently, baby looking for new family.

“The mother of the child yet could not be found, — told the edition in a press-service GU MVD in the Sverdlovsk region. — But it will still find actions women may read the article “Leaving in danger”. It can deprive of freedom for a period of 1 year.”

In February 2016, it was reported that the Moscow janitor found a live baby in the garbage disposal of residential flats. The child was hospitalized, and his 38-year-old mother was detained.