The ROC has compared the situation with

In the Russian Orthodox Church urged the participants of the public debate around the film “Matilda” is not to simplify the situation, clearly choosing one of the parties, as was the situation with the controversial French magazine Charlie Hebdo, in the Church emphasize that although not advocate a ban of the picture, but not be on the side of those who defends the film.

The statement of the head of the Department for external Church relations (DECR) Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, “in light of the growing public debate on the film “Matilda” released on Thursday of the Synodal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate on relations of the Church with society and the media. In his address, Metropolitan Hilarion said that during the preview he saw the movie “Matilda” at the invitation of the Director Alexey Uchitel.

According to the DECR Chairman, the situation surrounding the film “Matilda”, “unfortunately, like the one that unfolded some time ago around the controversial French weekly Charlie Hebdo”.

“Then we all tried to put before the dilemma: you’re a “Sharpie” or you are with the terrorists who shot up the editorial staff? Now we are trying to put before the choice: either you support “Matilda”, either you’re with those who call for to burn the cinemas. And what about those who are not with one and not with others? I, for example, are unconditionally and categorically against any calls for violence, any threats to anybody, whether a Director, actors, distributors and so forth,” — said in a statement.

Charlie Hebdo regularly publishes provocative cartoons illustrating the different events. The attention of the world previously little-known magazine has attracted after a series of attacks in January 2015, when the editorial office was attacked by Islamists.

The movie “Matilda” leaves in the Russian hire on October 26, premiere on October 23 at the Mariinsky theatre in St. Petersburg and 24 October in Moscow cinema “October”. The Director repeatedly stated that he was surprised by the hype around his film, which still no one even saw. As we approach the date of the premiere, most active opponents of the paintings resorted to drastic and often dangerous actions.

Following this, the United network of cinemas “Sinema Park” and “Formula Kino” refused to show “Matilda” due to security threats. The management of the network took this decision to protect visitors from the risks that can lead to public showings of this picture.

According to Metropolitan Hilarion, he also opposed the ban showing the film and against the revival of censorship on the Soviet model. But at the same time “can not and does not want to side with those who this film protects.”

“Unlike most participants in the debate, I have seen the movie. Now they say: not watched, so silent, wait until the movie will be released. And accuse those who speak out against the film based on the trailer, is that they criticize without seeing. I have an opinion about the film expressed is not based on the trailer, and on the basis of viewing it the full version. My opinion has hurt the Director, who invited me to the preview, but crooked against my conscience, I could not. And silent, too, could not”, — said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In the discussion surrounding the film, the Archbishop continued, involved a variety of people and groups of people, however, “letters expressing outrage today thousands.” According to the Metropolitan, many people do not understand, “why was the year of the centenary of the revolution once again publicly spit in the man who was shot together with his family, with minor children”.

“The anniversary of the revolution — a reason to prayer and commemoration of the innocent victims and not to continue to insult their memory. Not to mention the fact that the Church of the Emperor Nicholas II the passion — bearer, canonized. And the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna presented in the film as a hysterical witch — is also canonized. “Imperial days” in Ekaterinburg is not less than one hundred thousand people, who for five hours a night, go in procession from the place of his execution to the place of his alleged burial,” the statement reads.

The representative of the Moscow Patriarchate expressed the hope that “the year of the centenary of the tragic events, which has led to millions of victims of our people, there are Directors, writers, and artists who will pay tribute to the memory of the murdered sovereign.”