The results of the elections to the Parliament of North Ossetia cancelled on two sites


RIA Novosti

The results of the elections to the Parliament of North Ossetia decided to abolish the two polling stations, but this did not affect the overall outcome of the electoral campaign: elections were held, and their results are valid, according to the regional electoral Commission.

Earlier it was reported that a joint group of representatives of the CEC of Russia and deputies of all parliamentary parties left in Krasnodar Krai, Mordovia, and North Ossetia, to check complaints about possible violations during the elections on 10 September. They must decide whether to recount the votes or to cancel the results of voting at a particular polling station.

“Due to the fact that the voting and the tabulation of election results at polling stations No. 295 and No. 311 in the city of Vladikavkaz do not allow with certainty to establish the voting results, the Board recommended that the CEC of North Ossetia to recognize invalid the election data the polling stations”, — stated in the message.

As a result, the decision of the territorial election Commission, the left-Bank part of Vladikavkaz on voting results in the precinct election commissions No. 295 and No. 311 was cancelled. The members of the Republican electoral Commission decided to apply disciplinary measures against a number of chairmen of territorial and district election commissions.

“On the basis of protocols of territorial election commissions on voting results in the single Republican electoral district the members of the CEC of North Ossetia ruled to recognize the election of deputies of the Parliament of the sixth convocation was held, and the results of the elections as valid,” — said the Agency.

The majority of 46 seats in the Parliament of the region was taken by representatives of “United Russia”, 12 seats were won by the candidates of “Patriots of Russia”, seven seats went to “Fair Russia” and five of the Communist party.