Promising to “cut down the first counter of the white” Negro received 25 years in prison

Lashon Martin

The Supreme court of new York sentenced a homeless 40-year-old African American Lashon Martin (Fairy Marten), suffering from schizophrenia, to 25 years in prison for a murder committed in September 2013 on the grounds of racial hatred. This is stated in the court decision.

On the afternoon of 4 September 2013, Martin was playing chess in one of the parks of the city. After losing the party he abruptly sprang to his feet and shouting “I’ll knock first meet me white!” went in search of victims. Near the metro station, he saw a 64-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt, ran up to him and struck a powerful blow in the face. Babbitt fell to the ground in a few days he died. Martin also beat the two came to the aid of Babbitty people with white skin color, one of whom lost consciousness after he hit me.

The court sentenced Martin to the maximum penalty for manslaughter is 25 years in prison, since they thought that he continues to pose a danger to society. In addition, it was found that their attacks he had committed on grounds of racial hatred, despite the fact that he denied it.

30 August 2016 in the United States there was a movement to protect the rights of white from black racism. The new organization denounced the us human rights group calling it racist. In particular, it was opposed by protecting the rights of the Jewish anti-defamation League, declaring that the protesters is neo-Nazi “Aryan Renaissance Society”.