Named the happiest city in Europe

Named the happiest city in Europe

Statistical Agency Eurostat, noting on Wednesday (13 September) “a Day of positive thinking”, published data on how happy people in European cities.

The rating was based on several criteria: the number of happy life in the city, public places, health, the environment and education, reports The Independent.

According to the above chart, the most satisfied with their cities Europeans live in Vilnius (Lithuania), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden), Luxembourg, Vienna (Austria) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

Residents of Vienna, Monaco, Stockholm, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Helsinki (Finland) and Amsterdam are satisfied with the surrounding urban space — parks, restaurants, shops.

Cleanliness of city streets satisfied the inhabitants of Luxembourg, Vienna, Ljubljana, Riga (Latvia) and Helsinki. The most captious to this point were residents of Athens (Greece), Bratislava (Slovakia), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Rome (Italy).

On the part of healthcare leaders in the Luxembourg, Prague (Czech Republic), Amsterdam, Brussels (Belgium) and Vienna. In the tail — Athens, Warsaw (Poland), Riga and Budapest (Hungary).

Irish Dublin has among its residents the reputation of the city with the highest level of education. It is followed by the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, Helsinki, Ljubljana, Luxembourg and Amsterdam.

Residents of Sofia, Rome, Madrid (Spain) and Budapest, however, believe that education in the capitals could be better.