Music was able to influence the choice of sexual partner

Music was able to influence the choice of sexual partner

Listening to music increases the attractiveness of men in the eyes of women, found Austrian psychologists from the universities of Innsbruck and Vienna. Article scientists published in the journal PLоS ONE.

The study involved 64 women and 32 men with the same interests in music. They were played excerpts of melodies, ranked according to the degree of pleasantness and dynamism or complexity. Then respondents were shown photos of people of the opposite sex with a neutral expression. The volunteers had to rate their attractiveness and to say whether they are ready to have a relationship with that person.

The results of the survey showed that after listening to music women often call men attractive and expressed more desire to meet them. In this more complex and dynamic melodies increased the degree of attractiveness.

On the rating of women by men listening to music had no effect. According to the researchers, this is because men are more likely to use their musical abilities to attract women, not Vice versa.