Indian drug addict has allowed seven friends to rape his wife for the purchase of dose

Suffering from addiction resident of India allowed his seven friends-addicted to rape his wife, to obtain from them the money he spent to buy drugs. On Friday, September 15, writes The Times of India.

The incident occurred in the city of Chandigarh in the North of the country. Raped 22-year-old girl also told law enforcement that she passed with her “rent” husband have a small child. In addition, her husband filmed the incident on a mobile phone and blackmails a girl.

In may in the Indian state of Haryana rapists scored the victim with bricks after she threatened to complain to the police. According to the police, she, along with a group of villagers went to the car in a nearby town. There she was gang raped. When the woman said that will complain to the police, she smashed his skull with bricks.

Violence against women remains one of the most pressing problems in India. In 2013, the authorities of the country under the influence of the society has tightened the punishment for such crimes. Wide coverage both in local and international media started after the death of 23-year-old girl in December 2012, was raped by six men in a bus in Delhi. The victim later died from severe injuries.

Rape is just one of the problems faced by Indian women. According to studies, women still occupy a low social position. In the summer of 2012 India was recognized as the worst place to be women among the member countries of the G20. Experts interviewed by the Agency TrustLaw, said that the country still there are cases where women are actually sold as slaves, girls are married off at the age of ten, and family use them as free labor.