In the burning camp in Odessa, missing children

In Odessa burned children’s health and sports camp “Victoria”. As reports the edition “Думская.net” disappeared a few children.

In the camp there were about 150 children in a burning hull was 42 children. Eyewitnesses reported that the fire alarm didn’t go off, residents woke up to the smell of smoke.

Currently known about the two inhaling smoke children, another went to the hospital with injuries after a fall. The rescuers could not find several children who, according to one version, could fright to escape in the direction of the beach. Now they are searching for the rescuers and police.

The wooden building where the fire broke out, was completely burned. Currently, firefighters are trying to prevent the throwing of fire to the neighbouring houses. The situation is complicated by a lack of nearby hydrants, fire extinction basin on the territory of the camp was empty.

15 September in the city of Puchezh in the Ivanovo region has burnt down a nursing home. Two people were killed. The building managed to evacuate 43 people.