In new York the man made Jewish women for Muslim women and killed them

In new York city have arrested a man who attacked two women at subway stations in Queens. Reported by the New York Daily News.

The incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon, September 13. 40-year-old Dimitrius Zias (Dimitrious Zias), being drunk, caught up with the strangers that climbed the stairs. One of them is 57-year-old mother dismissed him, after which he called them dirty Muslim and demanded to get out of the country. The man turned 37-year-old daughter of the woman, and then the Zias hit both.

The victims were Orthodox Jewish. The daughter said that the man might have taken them for Muslim women due to the fact that her mother wears traditional for their faith headpiece. According to her, she did not expect that to happen in her neighborhood.

The zias sent under arrest with the right to bail in the amount of 50 thousand dollars, which he took. He was charged with committing a crime of hate.

New York Daily News points out that Zias was previously convicted in September 2015, he was accused that he crawled under the skirt to the woman, trying to take a photo. The man got off with five years probation.