Emergency declared an emergency warning for squally wind and thunder-storm

Emergency warning for rain with thunderstorm and squally wind up to 25 meters per second announced Friday, September 15, the Moscow Central Board of the Ministry, reports TASS.

Rescuers recommend to inhabitants of capital region, be careful not to Park under trees, around a rickety structure. Dangerous weather will continue until Saturday.

Earlier emergency warning for the weather in Moscow was announced on Wednesday, September 13. Then the predicted wind increase up to 17 meters per second.

May 29 in the capital was the deadliest storm in a century. The maximum wind speed reached 28 meters per second. The victims of the disaster were 18 people, and about 170 were injured. The city had fallen 27 thousands of trees, damaged the roof of 243 residential high-rises and office buildings, about two thousand cars.

In August the Prosecutor General’s office accused Rosgidromet in the wrong weather, which has become one of the causes of the catastrophic consequences of the may storm. In particular, forecasters warned on may 29, gusts of wind up to 22 meters per second. Later, the head of the meteorological service were released by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev from office on the basis of achievement of age limit of stay on civil service.