Deputy Prime Minister of Libya’s hopes for Russia’s help in resolving the conflict in the country


RIA Novosti

Russia can play a major role in resolving the Libyan conflict and the reconciliation of all parties, said on Thursday Deputy Prime Minister of the Libyan government Ahmed Mitig at the meeting with head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

Mitig arrived on Thursday evening in Grozny. He will discuss with the head of Chechnya, the prospects of development of relations between Russia and Libya, as well as ways of resolving the inter-Libyan conflict.

“We appreciate your efforts in resolving the Libyan host and the help you provide to the Libyans. Russia and the Chechen Republic can play a major leading role in resolving the Libyan conflict and in the reconciliation of all parties,” — said Deputy Prime Minister in the beginning of the meeting.

He recalled that one of the first among the recognized government of Libya in July 2016, visited Russia, still convinced of the key role of Russia and hopes for a positive result of the joint work. Mitig thanked Kadyrov for his hospitality and the opportunity to see the capital of Chechnya.

“I am very glad I got to see the city of Grozny, a city of peace, which we 7-8 years ago I heard. We saw a new city with a developed infrastructure, and we want to see in the future Libyan cities such as Grozny,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

The head of Chechnya said in response that Russia’s policy is aimed primarily at consolidation of the society in any country.

“Our President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is a friend of Islam, everyone understands that it’s not just words behind them are doing. If certain States claiming to be peacemakers, doing their “black” policy, Russia is trying to consolidate the society which lives in different States. This task puts the President and the foreign Ministry, and all who are involved in this process”, — said Kadyrov, adding that “we are also involved in this process.” He expressed confidence that Libya will overcome all current problems and will soon build a peaceful and prosperous state.

“We will help as I can. Most importantly, the people could not hear, and listen. This is a major victory. I wish that justice is done,” — concluded Kadyrov.