The UN security Council accused North Korea’s provocative politics

The UN security Council accused North Korea’s provocative politics

The UN security Council condemned North Korea carried out the launch of another ballistic missile. In closed session, September 15 members of the security Council called Pyongyang’s actions “highly provocative”, reports TASS.

It was also stated about the need for the DPRK “to immediately show a sincere commitment to denuclearization through concrete actions.”

The British permanent representative at the world organization Matthew Rycroft said that the security Council is not considering new sanctions against the DPRK.

His French counterpart, Francois Delattre, in turn, pointed to the importance of “strength and unity” of the security Council to resolve the crisis on the Korean Peninsula by political means.

The representative of Russia Vasily Nebenzia noted the need to stop the mutual threat. He added that Moscow will comply with the security Council sanctions against North Korea, but is waiting for US political steps under the security Council resolution.

Simultaneously with the meeting of the security Council, the US President Donald trump lamented that “North Korea has again shown complete contempt for its neighbors and the world community”. He expressed confidence that the Washington’s options regarding the threat from North Korea “effective and provide excellence”.

Earlier on Friday, 15 September, North Korea launched a rocket of unknown type from the area of Sunan in its capital Pyongyang to the East. September 3, North Korea conducted a successful underground test of a hydrogen warhead for Intercontinental ballistic missiles.