The results of the elections to the legislative Assembly of the Kuban voided the two sections of

The electoral Commission of Krasnodar region annulled the results of voting on elections to the regional Parliament in two polling stations. About it reports TASS on Friday, September 15.

Results cancelled by party lists in districts No. 1 and 2, the results of single-mandate remained the same. According to the special Commission of the state Duma, one of the sites because of the account of the work of Commission members and representatives of one of the parties had a conflict, the result of the 132 electors unable to vote at least 30.

In the second case, there was double data entry with complexes of processing of ballots, the result in the database was made about 670 extra votes.

September 10, in the single day of voting, the representative of public organization “Russian selects” Elena Bavchenkova reported that at a polling station in Krasnodar 6023 recorded ballot stuffing. The ballot box was sealed, the staff of the RCDS and the Prosecutor’s office are checking.

In the Krasnodar region chose deputies of the regional Parliament of the sixth convocation. This year the Deputy corps will reduce from 100 to 70 seats: the single-seat districts will be equally and parliamentarians elected on party lists. According to the Agency, after processing of all reports to the legislative Assembly through party lists are “United Russia”, CPRF and LDPR. It is expected that the United Russia party will get 60 seats in the regional Parliament, the CPRF and the LDPR — three, “Fair Russia” and the Party of growth, one. Another two seats will go to independent candidates.