The opposition felt lost mandates


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Cancelled results of voting on the three areas of the elections to the city Duma of Barnaul

City election Commission of Barnaul invalidated the results of the elections to the city Duma in three sites. One of the reasons is the high percentage of early voters. The overall result of the election is not affected. Representatives of opposition parties believe that the early voting took a total of nine seats in the city Duma of Barnaul. The Communists believe that the results of the elections to the city Duma it is necessary to cancel, LDPR and “Fair Russia” believe that it is sufficient to abandon early voting, repeated elections since no one will come.

Election Commission of Barnaul on Tuesday canceled the results of voting on elections of deputies of the Barnaul municipal Duma of the seventh convocation in three parts: No. 89, 203 and 253. “The reason was the violations during the voting, including early”, — reads the statement of the Chairman of municipal electoral Committee of Barnaul, Vitaly Zamarueva.

In the text of the decision of municipal electoral Committee of Barnaul (available to the “b”) States that the precinct election Commission No. 89, 203, and 253 received seven complaints involving violations of the voting and counting of votes. In particular, plot No. 89 early voting 139 people was 7.45% of the total number of voters. The turnout on election day here was 41.1%. At polling station №203 early voting 183 person — to 8.41% of the total number of voters with a turnout of 10 September to 32.6%. Four of the voters who came to the precinct on election day, vote failed against their names in the voter list was the mark that they claim to have already voted early. This opportunity is now engaged in law enforcement. Plot No. 253 of the total number of voters — more than half did so ahead of schedule.

Cancel the results of voting in three polling stations will not affect the outcome of the election, I’m sure Vitaly Zamaruev. The first Secretary of the Altai regional Committee of the Communist party Maria Prusakova insists that after these three Mikami the electoral Commission should review the results of the elections to the city Duma of Barnaul in General. This requirement will be a key to Sunday’s protest rally of the Communists.

The results of the elections to the city Duma increased the conflict between the opposition forces of the Altai territory. The liberal democratic party accuses Communist party of populism for the intention to hold a rally demanding the cancellation of the election results and the resignation of Governor Alexander karlina. Representatives of the Communist party, according to the coordinator of the LDPR in the region of Dmitry NAP, made to the summary Protocol of voting “minority report” is a document in which the parties can Express their disagreement with the election results. “We are the only one who has officially expressed disagreement with the results of the high early voting in the election. The rest of the Protocol was signed, formally agree with everything and then rally”, — says Dmitry Vorsin.

“Fair Russia” opposed to radical measures and cancellation of the General election result. In the opinion of the Secretary of Bureau of Council of regional branch of the party Vladislav Akaeva to collect voters for re-election unlikely. “We stand only for the abolition of early voting. Made a separate recount “parole”. If it was canceled, the Communists would get on the list plus one more mandate (there are three now. — “B”), one mandate would have received