The explosion on the London underground: what we know

The explosion on the London underground: what we know

In the train London underground at the station “Parsons green” has worked an improvised explosive device. The explosion, as it turned out, could be much stronger, but the bomb worked correctly. The result was 22 people were hospitalized, the threats to their life there. Authorities have classified the incident as a terrorist attack.

Russian service Bi-bi-si has collected all that is known so far.

What exploded?

The first report of an explosive device made from a bucket, came from eyewitnesses by day the users of social networks managed to photograph the improvised explosive device before and after it worked.

Explosion on Parsons Green district line train. Fireball flew down the carriage and we just jumped out the open door.

— Rigs (@RRigs) September 15, 2017
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One of the witnesses who were in the train, said saw a bucket on fire, but the flame was weak. Then came the explosion.

It later emerged that the device worked correctly. Experts in explosives are said to have an outbreak and not detonation, the result of which could have killed everyone in the blast radius, said the correspondent Bi-bi-si on security issues Frank Gardner.

As it became known Bi-bi-si, the bomb was on a timer.

Experts have yet to examine the explosive used in the bomb.

What eyewitnesses say

Emma, Stevie, who was at the station at the time of the explosion, says that among the passengers began to panic.

“We ran, as if fleeing from death. I ran down the stairs, and then people just started to fall in a heap they fell, trying to escape. Beneath me lay two women, and to my right is a little boy, he banged his head on the concrete floor,” says 27-year-old Stevie.


— Sylvain Pennec (@sylvainpennec) September 15, 2017
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Correspondent Bi-bi-si riz Lateef on the way to work witnessed the events at the station. She said: “I Started to panic when people rushed to leave the train, hearing the noise, like an explosion. People got cuts and scrapes, trying to escape from the scene. There was a lot of panic.”