The attorney General of Venezuela announced the death threats in his address

Tarek William Saab

The Prosecutor General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab has received threats because of the investigation about plunder of budgetary funds. About it as transfers TASS, he said at a meeting of the Constitutional Assembly, which was broadcast on the TV channel Venezolana de TelevisiĆ³n.

“After the TV broadcast I got a call one of these when you don’t know who is calling,” said Saab. According to him, the caller told him that if he will continue to investigate concerning the oil belt of Orinoco, it will be found dead.

Previously, Saab announced that the Prosecutor General’s office is investigating the possible theft of nearly $ 200 million at the conclusion of the state oil company Petroleos de Venezuela, contracts to develop fields in the Orinoco river basin. According to him, the Agency has identified that at least 10 contracts were concluded with a margin up to 230%.

In the opinion of the attorney General, the responsibility for theft lies including his predecessor, Luis Ortega Diaz, dismissed in early August. According to Saab, she knew about the violations but did nothing.

Ortega Diaz, expressing disagreement with the actions of the Executive, following the resignation left the territory of Venezuela, despite the injunction. The Supreme court summoned her for questioning on suspicion of committing gross violations in the performance of official duties.