Scotland Yard announced the explosion in the London underground terrorist attack

Scotland Yard announced the explosion in the London underground terrorist attack

In the London underground, an explosion occurred at the station “Parsons green”, which is located in the South-West of the city. Initially, witnesses reported the explosion of a bucket left in the package in the train.

The explosion at the station occurred as a result of the detonation of an improvised explosive device, said the Deputy chief of the Metropolitan police mark Rowley.

22 people taken to hospital, threats to their life there. Police are investigating the incident.

Photographs from the scene can be understood that lit up a white bucket. However, apparently, any serious injury in the subway no.

The police declared the incident a terrorist attack.

“Staff counter-terrorism units of the police of London is investigating the incident in the London underground that happened this morning. The signal came to police around 8:20 Friday 15 September. It was reported about the fire in the train at the metro station “Parsons green”. The assistant to the head of the Metropolitan police, Neil Basu called the incident a terrorist incident. Employees of the London police and transport police arrived on the scene together with colleagues from the ambulance and fire service. We know about the number of people injured. It is too early to speak about the exact cause of the fire, is doing the investigation, which conducts counter-terrorism police unit. The station is closed, and we encourage people to avoid being in this area”, — said in a statement the London police.

“Started to panic”

According to one of the women who were in the car, she heard an explosion and then saw flames. She added that between her and the scene of the explosion there were many people so it doesn’t hurt.

However, according to the woman, she’d seen several victims, including those with burnt faces. According to her, the wagon began to panic.

To the scene arrived ambulances. The station is cordoned off.

Correspondent Bi-bi-si riz Lateef on the way to work witnessed the events at the station, “Parsons green”. She said: “I Started to panic when people rushed to leave the train, hearing the noise, like an explosion. People got cuts and scrapes, trying to escape from the scene. There was a lot of panic.”

Be there London resident Alex Littlefield described what he saw: “I turned the corner and approached the station “Parsons green”, when I saw that on the platform run by people, and everyone is scared. I’ve seen police and firefighters were telling people to come back. I’ve seen a lot of people and armed police. There were many very, very depressed people”.