Media: died the oldest Panda in the world

Media: died the oldest Panda in the world

Panda is a long-named Bass died at the age of 37 years, which is equivalent to 100 years of human life.

BEIJING, September 14. /TASS/. The oldest giant Panda named Bass died in the territory of the research center in Fuzhou (East Fujian province) at the age of 37 years. On Thursday, reported Xinhua news Agency.

“This age is equivalent to 100 years of human life”, – noted experts in an interview with reporters.

According to them, the body of the animal will be placed in a special Museum, “built in honor of perpetuating the memory of the female bamboo bear, which became a symbol of the harmony relationship between nature and man.”

As the doctors, for several months before his death Panda is a long-suffered from serious diseases, particularly liver cirrhosis and kidney failure.

The world first learned about the Bass in 1987, when the Chinese government sent her to “trip” across the Pacific ocean to the zoo in San Diego (California, USA). There’s a Panda lived in for six months — during this time, the international media wrote about it more than 20 thousand materials. Journalists then gave the Bass a variety of epithets, including “unique Panda”, “angel of friendship”, “the messenger of peace.”