Investigators said details of the incident in the center of Belgorod

Continuation: Tried to commit suicide in a Vermont man was caught on video

Investigators confirmed that the incident on the Sobornaya square of Belgorod, one person was found dead and another is in the hospital. On Thursday, September 14, “the” said senior assistant head investigation Department of the TFR in the region of Elena Kozyreva.

She said that the victim was a local resident born in 1983. It is estimated that around 12:00 on the Central square of the city drove the car, the driver pulled out of the trunk of the body of a man and tried to commit suicide.

Eyewitnesses called an ambulance, made a suicide attempt residents of the district in 1952 was hospitalized.

As explained “” a source in law enforcement bodies, the basic version happened — murder during a quarrel. The presence of friendship or kinship ties between men are established. Survivor testimony can not give.

Investigators opened a criminal case under article of part 1 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder”), reported on the website of the regional SU TFR.

Earlier in the same day it became known that around 12:00, a car drove into the main city square, left the car the man pulled out of trunk of a corpse and tried to commit suicide. Also cited other versions of what happened, but they were not confirmed.