In the London underground, an explosion occurred

In the London underground, an explosion occurred

As a result of incident, according to the newspaper Metro, a few people got burns of the face. The police confirmed the information about a certain “incident” in the city subway.

In the London underground at the station “Parsons green” in the South-West of the city, an explosion occurred, reports the newspaper Metro. After the incident, according to her, suffered for a few people, they received burns to the face. Exploded “white container”, located in the “back part” of the whole, reports have appeared on the scene, the correspondent of the publication.

A photograph of this object later on his Twitter page posted an eyewitness to the incident under the name of Rigs. In the image — white, plastic container from which weakly breaks open fire.

Explosion on Parsons Green district line train. Fireball flew down the carriage and we just jumped out the open door.

— Rigs (@RRigs) September 15, 2017
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The explosion, as clarified by Sky News, another witness of the incident, mark white, “was small”, but some, according to him, were injured. Caught in the time of the incident at the metro station the woman told Reuters that she was injured in a stampede that occurred after the explosion.