Biologists have identified a mysterious toothy creature with a Texas beach

Experts have identified the mysterious toothy creature found on a Texas beach after the invasion of the hurricane “Harvey”. This publication reports The Guardian.

American biologist Kenneth tai (Kenneth Tighe) from the National Museum of natural history, Smithsonian institution suggests that the waves washed ashore the remains of astroblastoma eel, referring to the Aplatophis chauliodus.

Aplatophis chauliodus found in the West Atlantic ocean, including the Gulf of Mexico washes the shores of Texas. They grow up to 84 inches in length and live at depths from 30 to 90 meters. While hunting is disposed to the bottom and waiting for sailing by bony fish and crustaceans.

According to the biologist, there is also the possibility that the creature belongs to the family Congridae (kengurovye acne) or the subfamily Heterocongrinae. For more precise identification is necessary to consider the tip of the tail, which is not visible in the photos.

On 14 September it was reported that on the beach in the us state of Texas, the survivors of the hurricane “Harvey”, the corpse of a mysterious creature with sharp teeth. His photos posted on his Twitter biologist Preeti Desai.

Hurricane “Harvey” has struck Texas in late August. He was the most destructive natural disaster in the U.S. over the past 12 years. The victims of the hurricane and the resulting flood of steel 60.