The us military in Poland stole property on 55 thousand dollars

At the train station żagań (Lubusz, Poland), discovered the theft from the container, owned by the U.S. military. It is reported by RMF 24.

According to the radio, in the box there were weapons, ammunition or explosives. As booty, the thieves went to the army with telescopes and night vision devices.

Police did not specify what was stolen. Investigators say it was a modern army equipment.

Cost stolen, according to preliminary estimates, is 55 thousand dollars. A search of the property and the thieves are dealt with by local prosecutors and military police.

September 13, port Polish city of Gdansk arrived more than a thousand pieces of American military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled howitzers. The commander of the 2nd armored brigade Colonel David Gardner stated that his soldiers will spend the next nine months in Europe, participating in the maneuvers in five different countries.