The Trotsky murder weapon for the first time in 78 years will show the audience

Leon Trotsky

In 2018 exhibit of the International spy Museum in Washington will be the ice pick, which on 20 August 1940 he was murdered by the Soviet revolutionary figure Leon Trotsky. About it reports The Guardian.

Also, with the ax exhibits of the Museum will be thousands of other items previously unavailable to the masses.

The Trotsky murder weapon was first demonstrated at a press conference in Mexico city after his murder. After that an ice pick for several years was kept in the room of evidence, then it is taken away by a policeman Alfredo Salas stated that this desire to keep the axe for posterity.

Salas later gave it to his daughter Alicia, who for 40 years kept it under the bed. In 2005, she decided to sell it, the buyer was a private collector from USA Kate Melton, who is one of the founders of the International Museum of espionage.

Leon Trotsky (Leiba Bronstein) — a revolutionary figure of the twentieth century, one of the organizers of the October revolution. Was one of the ideologists of the Comintern. In 1929 he was expelled from the Soviet Union, three years later, stripped of his Soviet citizenship. Murdered in 1940 in Mexico by NKVD agent Ramon Mercader. The Soviet government denied any involvement in the death of Trotsky, however, in 1960, Mercader, who was imprisoned for murder for 20 years and who arrived in the USSR, was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union and awarded the order of Lenin.