The liberal democratic party proposed to declare Amnesty for the centenary of the October revolution

Deputies from the LDPR faction in the Duma introduced a draft resolution on declaring Amnesty in connection with the centenary of the October revolution. The corresponding document was registered in the Duma database on Thursday, September 14.

The authors of the initiative were made by the liberal-Democrats Igor Lebedev, Yaroslav Nilov and Sergey Ivanov. “The proposal is based on the historical traditions of Russian statehood and has the goal of strengthening the authority of state power,” — said TASS Nilov.

According to him, the Amnesty proposed to be extended to minors and those who committed a crime before 18 years of age, the mothers of young children, pregnant women, women over 55 and men over 60 years of age and to invalids of the first, second and third groups. The authors emphasize that people convicted of grave and especially grave crimes should not be exempt from judicial punishment.

26 may the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) has proposed that Russia’s administrative Amnesty, timed to the centenary of the October revolution. In March, the Communist party made a similar initiative, but the Communists offered in conjunction with the centennial anniversaries of the two Russian revolutions of February and October.

In April 2015 was announced the presidential Amnesty in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Under it, in particular, were citizens, for the first time convicted for intentional crimes of small and average gravity and with merits to the country.