The explosion at the U.S. base suffered a 15 commandos

The explosion at the U.S. base suffered a 15 commandos

During training of special forces at the military base of Fort Bragg, an explosion occurred. While he suffered, according to various estimates, from 8 to 15 military. The causes of the incident are still unknown.

Eight soldiers of the special Forces were injured in the explosion during training in garrison of the U.S. army in Fort Bragg (North Carolina). On it informs TV channel Fox news.

According to local publications, soldiers were taken to army medical center Womack. According suffered fifteen soldiers. Representative Rob base Bocholt Reuters could not confirm the information about the explosion.

“What exactly happened is under investigation,” he said. “The number of victims is still to be determined,” added Bocholt. While it is unknown the condition of the victims and what exactly was the cause of the explosion.

The incident occurred the day after the events at camp Pendleton in California. Then 15 Marines injured during the fire amphibious vehicles, eight of them suffered burns. Five Marines remain in critical condition.

As noted by Foxnews in 2017 during a training exercise in the United States killed more American soldiers than in Afghanistan.