Russian diplomats charged with the burning of garbage in the General Consulate in USA


Eric Risberg / AP

The office that monitors air quality in San Francisco, accused the Russian diplomats in violation of the rules for the incineration of garbage. This was stated by a representative of Ralph Borrmann, reports CBS.

Black smoke over the building of the Russian diplomatic mission has discovered on 1 September, the day after the us authorities demanded to leave the premises.

As subsequently explained, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, the cause of black smoke began to “actions for preservation of the building.”

The management considered that the staff of the Embassy were burned, then the material “burning prohibited”. According to Borrmann to such conclusion due to the fact that he had noticed over the building “a lot of black smoke.”

Service representative that monitors the air quality in San Francisco, added that Russian diplomats will impose the requirement to pay a fine. Its sum is not called.

August 31, the US authorities demanded to close until September 2, the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco and to cease the use of the building trade delegation in Washington and new York. As explained in the White house, these actions were a response to the reduction of the U.S. diplomatic presence in Russia.

On Saturday evening, September 2, in the buildings of Russian diplomatic missions, the representatives of the American authorities began actions that the Russian side regarded as a search.