Russia will leave PACE out of money in 2018

Russia will leave PACE out of money in 2018

Moscow would not Fund the organization, until the rights of the Russian parliamentarians do not fully recover.

Russia will not thaw a third of their contributions to the Council of Europe (COE). We are talking about the funds allocated for the work of the parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in 2018. This “Izvestia” said the Deputy speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy. This measure provides due to the fact that the PACE is still not adopted amendments to the regulations governing the organization, excluding the possibility of revocation of authority of the national delegations.

Moscow is ready to extend the decision to freeze part of the contribution of the Council of Europe designed to Finance its parliamentary Assembly. This amount is about 11 million euros.

— Russia has frozen contributions to PACE, as he refused to participate in the Assembly. This decision was made due to the discriminatory policies of the organization. We believe that until you change the regulations of its work, the meaning of our participation in it. I remind you that the Russian delegation was deprived of vote in PACE. Until this is changed, go back to work in the parliamentary Assembly and, accordingly, will not pay contributions. The final decision is still pending, it takes the Executive branch. But in any case, if there is no change of the rules and law of the Russian parliamentarians will not be fully recovered, Moscow will not make contributions and, accordingly, will not return to the PACE, said Peter Tolstoy.