Rostov oblast was among the leaders of investment and new housing on the 80th anniversary of

Rostov oblast occupies first place in the South of Russia by volumes of foreign investments, is celebrating its 80-year-old.

The pace of economic reforms of recent years and the volume of production of goods and services the region occupies one of leading positions, both in the southern Federal district and in Russia as a whole. The scale of the economy region is in twelve major subjects.

September 13, Rostov region celebrated the 80th anniversary of education. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent in connection with this, a telegram of greetings. “Gracious, hospitable don region — the birthplace of the talented, energetic, enterprising people, who for centuries built cities and towns, actively mastered the fertile land created by industrial, transport, energy and infrastructure, to protect the southern borders of the Fatherland. Today Rostov region is one of the most promising and economically developed regions are situated in the large industrial enterprises, authoritative, scientific, educational, and cultural centers. And, of course, I particularly note the work of the don farmers, which this year gathered a record harvest of grain,” — said in greeting.

Over the past few years the region has created dozens of new enterprises. Since the beginning of the activities of the residents of ADZ “Gukovo” the volume of investments in the region amounted to about 200 million rubles, was created 541 new jobs. In addition, the don continues to produce the world’s largest helicopters, nuclear reactors create, produce 70 percent of mainline electric locomotives in Russia.

Last year, the Rostov region entered the top ten regions for new housing. “Comprehensive development is something to which we should aspire. To create conditions for the comfort of residents, to create conditions to have schools, gardens, hospitals, good roads, the opportunity to put the car in the evening after work,” — said the head of the region Vasily Golubev.

The hallmark of the region is the Cossacks. Today on the don there are five Cossack cadet educational institutions of professional education and 340 educational institutions with the status of “Cossack”. Repeatedly cadet corps of the don became the winners of the contest “the Best cadet corps in Russia.”

On 14 August it became known that farmers in the Rostov region has finished harvesting early grain harvest by more than 2.9 million hectares with a record for Russia, with 12 million tonnes. Therefore, the region broke its record from last year.