On the territory of Russia and Belarus began military exercises “Zapad-2017”

On the territory of Russia and Belarus began military exercises “Zapad-2017”

They attended to 12.7 thousand.

MOSCOW, September 14. /TASS/. Strategic exercises “West-2017” the armed forces of the Union state of Russia and Belarus began on Thursday in the two countries. This was reported in the press service of the defense Ministry.

“Heads of bodies of military management, commanders involved in the doctrine of associations, formations and military units were given packets with the policy directives of the General headquarters of the armed forces of the Union state on the execution of training and combat tasks”, — is spoken in the Department message received by TASS.

The exercises involved up to 12.7 thousand military personnel (from Belarus — about 7.2 thousand, from Russia — about 5,5 thousand military).

Practicing tactical episodes of the live-fire application of forces and assets aviation and air defense forces will be held at three sites in Russia (Luga, Strugi-Krasnyye and Novorossiysk), and also in the six Belarusian landfills (Lepel, Losvido, Borisov, Osipovichsky, Ruzhany, Domanovsky) and on location Dretun.

Exercises “West-2017” held under the leadership of the chiefs of General staff of the armed forces of the two States and are the final stage of joint training of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia.

As emphasized in the defense Ministry, they are purely defensive and not directed against any States or groups of countries.

“The main objectives of teaching are improving the operational compatibility of staffs of various levels, a pair of promising systems of control of troops and weapons, testing of new statutory documents, commanders at all levels of practice planning of a military nature and control based on the experience of modern armed conflicts”, — noted in the defense Ministry.