On PornHub found recipes and mathematical puzzles

American resource Mashable drew attention to the fact that in recent comments on the website PornHub live separate lives, not tied to the content of the video. Reporters found, for example, that visitors of the portal to exchange financial tips or recipes.

So, users are asked in the comments to share the recipe of delicious lasagna or curry. Portal visitors are not denied and offer tried and tested options.

Screenshot: PornHub

One of the users asked him to explain how to build the tangent line, and he responded.

Screenshot: PornHub

Another asked for advice on the passage of Guitar Hero. The comment also did not go unnoticed, as well as the attempt of another user to sell the laptop.

On Reddit there was even a separate thread to deal with comments from PornHub.

At Pornhub reported that they did not understand what was the reason for the surge in non-core reviews on the website.